Everyone deserves access to good quality equipment to exercise with. Reliable gear and excellent service should not be the preserve of the wealthy or elite athletes.

What if we told you the top brands are over-priced, and you can get access to multi-layer hand-crafted, cowhide gloves which stand up to scrutiny but are presented at a fair price?

We get it, we're fitness fans like you. We understand that the best kit is too expensive and the worst kit is low quality - both are not value for money.

We know how frustrating it is that there is so much low quality gear on the market, with false claims and fake materials.

We are tired of the false claims and shady marketing of 'me too' brands.

Byakko Sports is brought to you by Ben Leonard the founder of Beast Gear (one of the UKs most successful fitness brands) and Sean Cowie, of A1 Fight Gear, a combat sports company that produced sports equipment for brands such as Gymshark.

Two competitors decided that together they are stronger. Byakko Sports distils Ben and Sean's extensive expertise to bring you meticulously designed, hand crafted gear you can rely on. 

Byakko, meaning White Tiger, is here to support you. It's this easy:

1. Choose your gear
2. Train with confidence
3. Unleash the Tiger Within

We created Byakko Sports to challenge the status quo of the combat sports industry. No fake materials, no false claims. Just solid, reliable gear.
30-day money back guarantee